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In this area, the Long Island Railroad's Long Island City yard is flanked by Borden Avenue and Vernon Boulevard, with the Queens-Midtown Tunnel burrowed below the streets.  There is a convergence of different types of transportation infrastructure in the area.  For example, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's "G" subway line is tunneled in this area, the Long Island Railroad operates a rail yard in the area, and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel's Queens-side portal is located here.

An old spur of the former Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal railroad company runs along side of this factory.  Cars now park along the former right-of-way.

Closer to Newtown Creek, these former Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal railroad tracks have now been covered over with white pebbles, the kind one would use for landscaping purposes.  Why this was done is anybody's guess, maybe some sort of industrial beatification project taking shape?

An old wheel stop is found along what is left of the right-of-way.  This device hasn't stopped a train wheel in quite some time.

Parts of the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal railroad tracks run parallel to an old factory, located on the north side of Newtown Creek in Queens.

Here's a shot from the 1950's showing a Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal tug shoving a carfloat towards the floatbridge the Pigeon Street Yard, which would have been to the right of the existing Daily News plant.

Photo courtesy of Bernard Ente; original source unknown.

A closer view of the tracks, which are now being engulfed by various forms of plant life.

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