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An overhead view of the Long Island Railroad Montauk Branch and the surrounding area, from atop of the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge.  We are looking east at this vantage point.

Looking northwest atop of the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge, one can see the Citibank building and Newtown Creek.

The Manhattan skyline, oil and gas tanks, and factories grace the landscape as viewed from this angle.

A look at the skyline facing southwest.  The Williamsburg Bridge spans the East River way out in the distance.

A view of Newtown Creek, looking east.  The creek has a length of four miles.

Newtown Creek is not the cleanest creek around, as years of waste disposal has made this body of water highly polluted.  Some sort of mixture of chemicals produces a murky substance that no marine life would ever want to venture in to.

Plaques for the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge grace the side of one of the supports.

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